Ninebot KickScooter E2


Ninebot KickScooter E2 Powered by Segway

We want to provide last-mile solutions to everyone, so we introduce the Ninebot KickScooter E2 E. It features a stylish design with a large LED dashboard, a smooth riding experience, reliable quality, and high cost-efficiency. It goes up to 20km/h speed and supports up to 25km range for daily commutes.

Brave the Wind and Waves in City

The fashionable design of the E2 Series is inspired by the surfing style, which expresses people’s eagerness to explore. Its stylish appearance makes you stand out from the crowd!
In addition, its ultra-thin footboard with low gravity makes the riding experience smooth and steady.

Clear view at a glance on the large-sized dashboard

The E2 Series has a larger dashboard design of 2.8 inches, which displays information such as speed and battery level at a quick glance! The 25°screen tilt angle is ergonomically designed for comfort and is easy to watch when riding.

  • 2.8 inch Screen Size
  • 25° Screen Tilt Angle

Easily Cope with Daily Commutes

With a range of up to 25km, the KickScooter E2 allows you to efficiently cope with daily commuting to work, studies or leisure travel.

The KickScooter supports 3 riding modes:

– Standard Mode: Balances Speed and Range with max. speed of up to 15km/h.

– Sport Mode: Faster Speed, Stronger Power with max. speed of up to 20km/h.

– Walk Mode: Walk with Less Effort with max. speed of up to 5km/h.

The 250W powerful motor provides strong force to speed up, ride freely and climb slopes up to 12%!

Maintenance-free Hollow-out Tyres!

The E2 Series comes with newly developed inner hollow tyres of 8.1-inch, to bring an excellent riding experience: puncture-proof, maintenance free and better shock absorption capability.

Durable and waterproof KickScooter

Automotive Grade Durability

Thanks to its automotive-grade SPFH590 steel frame design, the durability and the break resistance of the E2 Series have significantly improved.

In addition, taking advantage of the IPX4 weather-proof design, you can easily handle your riding in various weather conditions.

IPX4 KickScooter Body

IPX6 Battery Pack

Fold/unfolded: bring your KickScooter everywhere with you!

The KickScooter folds just in one step. You can carry it easily to get on an elevator, in public transportation, store it in your workplace/home or put it into the trunk of your car.


  • Max. speed of approx. 20 km/h (12.4 mph)*
  • 2 brakes: electronic front brake; rear drum brake
  • Range of approx. 25 km (15.5 miles)*
  • 8.1-inch Inner Hollow Tyres (no maintenance needed)
  • Up to 12% Easy Climbing
  • 2.8-inch LED Dashboard
  • Water-resistance: IPX4 & Battery IPX6

1 year manufacturer warranty

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Product Name Ninebot KickScooter E2
Min Age 14+
Battery 220 Wh
Charging Time Approx. 7.5 hours
Max Speed Up to 20 km/h
Range Up to 25  km
Net Weight 14.2 kg
Wheels 8 inch
Motor 450 W
Scooter Type Folding
Max Weight 90 kg
Brake Type Electronic brake (front) and drum brake (rear)
Riding Modes 2 Riding modes (Drive, Sport); 1 Walk Mode
Water resistance IPX4 & battery IPX6
App monitor Yes



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