Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter 52V 13AH

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The Dualtron Mini emerges as a model that flawlessly merges a condensed layout, efficient weight management, and affordability – a compact dynamo that shatters assumptions. Outfitted with twin-wheel drum brakes for optimal safety and command, and propelled by a formidable 52V 13Ah  battery, enabling speeds of up to an exhilarating 45 km/h, this miniature powerhouse offers unparalleled performance. Enhancing convenience, the Dualtron Mini introduces a quick-pull folding mechanism for swift and easy storage, paired with a commanding 1450W motor that ensures an electrifying journey. Revel in unmatched comfort with both front and rear suspension, and tailor your adventure with considerate features such as footrests, mudguards, and the Minimotros EYE system. Beyond being just a scooter, the Dualtron Mini represents innovation, precision, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection.

  • Brand : Dualtron
  • Model : MINI 52V13AH
  • Max Speed : 45 km / h
  • Min Age : 16+yrs
  • Charging Time : 6/8 h

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The DUALTRON MINI stands out as an impressive inclusion in the world of electric scooters, presenting an appealing combination of portability, potency, and usefulness. Crafted to address the requirements of city residents for effective and environmentally conscious commuting, the DUALTRON MINI maintains its high performance standards without sacrificing its sleek and condensed design.

Specifications of Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter

Model No. MINI 52V 13AH
Min Age Age 16+
Battery 52V 13Ah Li-Ion battery Non LG Battery
Power 1450W Brushless Max
Charging Time 6 / 8h
Max Speed 45 km / h
Range Up to 35 Miles
Net Weight 22 Kg
Wheels Wheel 8 with inner tube
Motor 1 450W
Color Black
Max Weight 120
Brake Type Drum brake + electric brake
Suspensions Front hydraulic suspension Rear air suspension
Lighting Front and Rear Led
Compositions Aluminum frame


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DualTron Electric Scooters

Minimotors manufactures DualTron Electric Scooters. Since 1999, Minimotors has been the world's leading manufacturer of electric scooters. Its two brands, Dualtron and Speedway, are leaders in the global market for high-performance electric skateboards. Dualtron models such as Eagle Pro, Spider 2, Dualtron Compact, Dualtron X, Ultra Electric Scooters.

2 reviews for Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter 52V 13AH

  1. John

    Power full beast, Thank you

  2. Patrick

    Merci pour votre service….. Thank you

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